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Ever feel sluggish at the end of a work day? Like you’ve been chained to your desk, a stroll to the printer the most you’ve moved for hours? You’re not alone.

Inactivity is one of the biggest threats to our health. But getting on your feet and walking, even for just 20 minutes, is proven to have great physical and mental health benefits. It can make you feel better inside and out.

Which is why Westfield Health brought back Walking Lunch for National Walking Month in May 2017, inviting you to reclaim your lunch break and get out walking.

Both individuals and teams took part, posting their steps on our leaderboard and competing against others in the UK. Some great prizes were on offer for the most active participants, including vouchers, fitness trackers and £1,000 cash towards a health and wellbeing initiative in your workplace with the winners to be announced shortly.

This year we inspired hundreds of people to take part, taking millions of steps. Thank you to everyone who took part and remember to keep walking!

Living Streets

Our partner for Walking Lunch is the UK’s walking charity Living Streets, and this year’s theme for National Walking Month is Walking Cities. The cities we live and work in are fascinating places to explore on foot. You miss so much history, architecture and other hidden treasures on the bus, in a car, or stuck at your desk. That’s why for Walking Lunch 2017, we’re cosponsoring the Crumbs City Trail app.

Crumbs City Trails

Discover fascinating walking tours in 12 cities across the UK, specially developed for National Walking Month and free to use for Walking Lunch participants. Trails include at least 20 minutes of walking with stops to solve clues based on your surroundings — perfect for a walking lunch. And each trail includes a step count, making logging your walk super simple. Download Crumbs now.

Tracking your steps

Anyone with a smartphone can track their activity, and many of us have wearable devices that can do the job too. Here are a few apps you can download to a smartphone to keep track of the steps you take throughout May. Or you can take the more analogue route and use a pedometer.

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Top 3 step apps

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Top 3 step apps