Authentic campaign & event posts deliver social reach

Typically just 100 authentic social posts delivers
outreach to 100,000+ people from retweets and reposting.

Our features ensure you generate content that people will love and share.


Twitter firehose

Twitter firehose

Not everyone has access to Twitter’s Firehose, but we do. We can capture 100% of tweets which could make all the difference to your brand campaign.

Social, streaming video & CMS

Social & CMS connections

Connections to all major social networks and cloud sharing services mean that wherever content lives online it can be easily displayed by our platform. We now offer Periscope too!

Easy to moderate

Easy to moderate

Moderate social content from your computer, phone or tablet whenever you like. With a tap of a finger you can instantly control what gets displayed. Alternatively, we’re happy to manage on your behalf.


Social layouts & Animations

Layouts & Animations

With exciting layouts and animations to entertain your guests, your slideshow is sure to generate the smiles, ‘wows’ and posts. Extras include social games and custom layouts for extra engagement.


Layouts & Animations

Applying your brand to your event’s big screen slideshow is easy. Just add your logo, select fonts and colours. Alternatively for extra finess our specialists can do this for you with Tailormade.

Additional slides

Additional slides

Designed slides with your key content or calls to action give your slideshow a premium feel and reinforce your message. Slides are shown frequently between social content.

Social websites & hubs

Mobile optimised

Mobile optimised

Generally 50% of website visits are from mobile devices. All our social hubs and websites are coded to work on PC, tablet and mobile.


Branding & Promotion

Social websites and hubs can be branded to look exactly how you need by applying logos, fonts, colours, backgrounds and other imagery. Unique layouts, social competitions, extra pages and more is made possible by Tailormade.

Built to share

Built to share

Content shared by social website visitors during and after your Eventstag activation increases the reach of your campaigns and events long after they are over.



Built to sharePolaroid & Postcard

Provide a unique printing experience for guests, and a personalised momento to remember you by. Provide branded polaroids or postcards to send to friends.


Built to shareBranded Touchscreen

Our best in class print stations have a easy to use, branded touchscreen to enable your crowd to easily and instantly find and print their photo.

Social or DSLR

Built to shareSocial or DSLR

Prints can be either social content posted by guests on their own mobiles, or photographs taken by your photographer at the event. Photos are instantly made available to print using wireless technology.


Analytics report

Built to shareAnalytics report

See how many people your hashtag was seen by as a result of posts and retweets. Understand the audience and speak directly to your top influencers. Prove the ROI of your Eventstag activation.

Automated photography

Built to shareAutomated photography

A big screen countdown connected to a digital camera captures guest moments automatically at your event. Content automatically appears on the big screen and on your social website... ready to be shared.

Facial recognition

Built to shareFacial recognition

If you’d like to help your guests get into the theme of your event we can add accessories onto them on their photos. Hosting a Halloween party for example? Then let’s make sure everyone has vampire teeth or a set of devil horns!

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