Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about how we can help your event get the most of our social media slideshows

Who is this for?

We can help anyone planning an event. Agency? Brand?

We’ll drive your social media engagement through the roof

(We literally did it for the O2 arena.)

How come your tech is “pioneering”?

Our CTO, Ollie, is a magician.

We’re a small team of super experienced developers, working everyday to push the boundaries of what’s possible when experiential tech meets social media.

Got an idea for our next project? We’d love to hear it.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is like Twitter for photos and video. When someone takes a photo or video through the Instagram app on their iPhone or Android, it is automatically uploaded and shown to their followers. Like Twitter, Instagram users can "tag" a photo by adding a hashtag in the caption. eg "This is a photo of me at #VeniceBeach". These hashtags can be searched through the Instagram API. Users can also check into locations.

How much does it cost?

You can try a free Social Wall now. Costs for tailormade Walls and Experiences are, naturally, custom - get in touch now.

What if my Instagram or Twitter is set to private?

Privacy is important to us. If you hashtag a photo on your private social media account, it won’t be picked up by our platform.

(If you’d like your posts to be picked up, you’ll need to change your settings - or use your friend’s account.)

If I go back and hashtag an old Instagram photo, will it be picked up?

Only photos uploaded and tagged within the capture time (which might be months before your event) will be picked up. This helps to make sure everything is fresh and relevant.

Do you provide screens for the Social Walls?

We provide everything but the screen - there are a few different options for this:

- A projector
- A big screen
- A TV

We can help you figure out what’s best.

Will I need to run all of this through a computer?

No. We have computerless capability built into our platform - just plug and display.

What type of content can you pick up?

We can pull in just about anything from all major social networks and cloud sharing services. Just ask.

What about videos?

Videos work really well on social walls. (But we normally recommend having no sound.)

Can I have a free trial?

Certainly! Our Essential package lets you create a free trial with a watermark. You can use all the features and customization options of the full product but you have to pay to have the watermark removed. Alternatively you can use our free package, which allows you to collect photos for four weeks and display it for 8 hours.

How do I buy a slideshow?

First of all, create a free trial with all the parameters required for your event. Once it's created you will have the option of buying credits to pay for the slideshow. Once your credits are purchased you can redeem them against your slideshow and voila!

What happens to the photos?

The photos which are tagged for your event will remain on your guest's Instagram feed. Your guest may also post their photos onto Twitter, Foursquare or Facebook!

Is my slideshow public?

Not at the moment. As your slideshow can only be shown for a limited amount of time, only you can play it from your account when you log in. Your guest’s photos however will be publicly viewable on Instagram or Twitter and we have created Social Websites, which can be made public and shared on the relevant social channels!

Can I pause and restart the time?

Yes, the display time for each package can be paused by selecting 'Pause' or closing the tab where your slideshow is playing. The remaining time will then be free to use later on in the event.

Can I add Twitter photos?

Twitter photos can be included in all of our packages. You just have to remember to tick the relevant checkbox!

Can I add Twitter text?

You sure can! With our Professional Package, we offer layouts that can include Twitter text as well as photos from Instagram and Twitter.

Can I use it on multiple screens?

Yes you can, although your slideshow time will reduce more quickly, depending on the amount of screens. For example, if you have a Free slideshow for 8 hours, you can play it on 2 screens for 3 hours or 3 screens for 2 hours.

Is it legal?

Yes. Only content that is uploaded as 'public' on Instagram and Twitter are shown on our slideshows.

Can I take off a photo that shouldn't be there?

Occasionally you might find that a photo works its way into the slideshow that is there by accident. Maybe a drunk guest has uploaded something you would prefer not to be on your slideshow--don't sweat it! You can log in from another computer (or your phone) and choose to moderate the slideshow where you can ban certain pictures. The photos will be removed from the slideshow as it is playing. Alternatively, with our Premium Package, you can choose to pre-approve all of the photos, where you must approve each picture before it goes up to the screen.

Can it play Instagram videos?

Yes, Instagram video is available on all our slideshows as standard. Unfortunately due to technical restrictions the videos cannot be played on tablets, but the videos can be viewed and moderated from the moderate page. If the videos can't be played on your device it will display the photo instead.

What equipment is needed?

There are a few things that are required:

  1. A Device - You need to be able to access your account on our website to play the feed. A laptop or computer is best for this, but tablets can also work. We do not support playing the feed via a mobile as it doesn’t have the correct resolution.
  2. Something to play the slideshow on. You have a couple of options:
    • A Projector - this is probably the easiest to set up as it can sit on a surface near the laptop and project onto a white wall or screen. This may not work so well in bright lights, so be aware of that.
    • A TV - This is fine for smaller events or small reception areas. Make sure that it has the right connection to your laptop.
    • A Big Screen - For large venues you can display the feed on your current big screens or LED walls.
  3. The right leads - Projectors take VGA or HDMI leads from your laptop. Some modern TVs also have monitor cables for attaching to laptops. You can also buy converters to convert a monitor cable to HDMI to insert into the back of a TV. If you are worried about keeping the laptop unattended near the TV then you can look at buying a wireless TV sender, like Google Chromecast, to stream a picture from your laptop to the TV.
  4. An internet connection - WiFi is probably the most common way of connecting to the internet. If the venue doesn't have WiFi then you might be able to tether your phone and use it as a WiFi router (remember to plug your phone in because it can quickly use battery). You should check that your phone/carrier allows this.

What if something goes wrong?

We have tested our platform extensively and are quite confident that it should all work as expected. If something doesn't work at your event then send us an email with your phone number and we will call you as soon as possible to help you through the setup. You should try to use Google Chrome where available because this is the browser we have done the most testing on.

Can I download the photos after the event?

Hold tight, we are working on this feature. For now there is a website called where you can log in with your Instagram account and download photos with a certain tag (up to a maximum of 500 photos).

Can I extend the event time longer than a month?

Yes, we can increase the event period with our Tailormade Package!

Why do the captions not appear?

We do not include comments as a standard as they can be distracting from the main focus of your event and hard to moderate. However, with our Tailormade Package this is an available option! Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this with us and we will see what we can do!

What does the collection period mean?

The collection period is the amount of time before your event that our software should start collecting photos from your hashtag. If you would like to include photos from your social accounts leading up to your big event, extending your collection period a few days prior to the event date allows for those photos to be pre-collected, and then played during your event!

What happens when my slideshow play time runs out?

Depending on which slideshow you choose, you will either have 6, 8 or 24 hours to play your slideshow. Once this time runs out, the slideshow will stop playing photos and will alert you that you have ran out of time but will also offer the chance to upgrade and buy more credits. That way you can play your slideshow for a little bit longer!

Can I print photos directly from Instagram or Twitter?

Yes you can. We offer both the software to be able to do this using your own printer, or we can provide the hardware and come on site to set it up. Read more about it here or get in contact with us directly.

I would like to have the photos from my event on my site. How do I do that?

We offer Widgets that can be embedded into your site. Please see this page for more information.

I want to include Pinterest, Vine, DropBox, etc. How do I do that?

That can be done in our Tailormade package. You can read more about it here or get in touch with us directly.

How Do I Create a Tailormade Package Event?

Our Tailormade Package events are all created through our design and development team. Simply contact us with your event requirements and our team will provide you with all the relevant information, including quotes and timelines.

Why don't my photos appear?

You need to check that your account is public. Private photos don't show up in search results. Go to the settings within the app on your phone to check.

Also your photos must be taken between the start date and the end date of the event. You cannot tag old photos and have them appear in your slideshow.

The slideshow is playing on my computer but it's not showing on the TV/Projector

Check that your monitor settings on your laptop are correct. You should try to duplicate the laptop view onto the TV/Projector rather than have the desktop extend its screen. Try moving the browser around the outside of the desktop to check if this is the problem.

The slideshow doesn't play

It may be that something has gone wrong with the website. Try pressing F5 to refresh. If you are not using Google Chrome then try installing that and use it to play the slideshow.

The slideshow is jerky

Your laptop might be old and struggling to cope with the amount of photos. Try closing all the other applications which are open to free up some memory. Google Chrome runs a lot smoother than all the other browsers so you can try installing that. If you are already using Google Chrome then try switching to incognito mode which will disable your plugins and hopefully make it run smoother.

The videos aren't playing

Android and iOS tablets aren't able to automatically play videos so the photo is shown instead. Older browsers like Internet Explorer also can't play videos. We recommend downloading and using Google Chrome instead.

Still have questions?