EventsTag at SoccerEx 2016

This week we’re in Manchester for SoccerEx, an exciting 3 day insight into the World of Football. The perfect moment for us to introduce visitors to some of our most exciting social media experiences – but also to indulge in our love for THE sport. And because Football has been flowing in our veins for so long, why not to take people back to an iconic year for football?


Don’t worry, I’ll spare you the story of the incredible and unexpected commercial success of Pokémon GO, as I’m sure you’ve already heard it a million times. But there’s something we at EventsTag were convinced of, and that Pokémon GO has now proven:

We’ve entered the age of Augmented Reality.

While we’ve seen some attempts in the past few years, there’s a good reason why it’s only kicked off recently. Just look at your phone — today’s level of technology means anyone with a decent smartphone has access to a whole lot of cool things. And what do we want? Coolness, excitement, to be transported to another world… In one word, we want experiences!

VR and AR are probably the coolest things tech companies have brought us these days in terms of experiences. Boundaries have been pushed further than ever before and you can now give your ideas a whole lot more depth than you used to. Lots of companies are jumping in and coming up with their own version of the “Cool Tool”.

But it’s not all having the technology at your disposal, having good ideas to actually make the experience great is where you have to start from. And when the concept behind your campaign is a bit weak, it means more disappointment than excitement, as we’ve experienced a couple of months ago.

Technology VS ideas

the Jaguar Feel Wimbledon activation standWith our HQ just a stone’s throw from London Waterloo Station, we get to see some VERY cool experiential marketing every single day. There’s always something a bit mad going on, and in mid July, it was Jaguar’s shot at it. We, along with hundreds of commuters, were invited to #FeelWimbledon with virtual reality and a bit of imagination. Or rather a lot actually…

AR goggles for Jaguar

Does this guy look impressed? No, he doesn’t.

Staff were super friendly and the futuristic little pod took eight people at once, so we didn’t have to wait long before being ushered in. Some of the team were disappointed to discover that it wasn’t actual Wimbledon that we got to feel, but an animated version of it.

We were kind of expecting virtual REALITY, not er… virtual virtual. We flew through the air with the pretend birds and were dropped from a great height (argh!) into Centre Court. Then into Andy Murray’s pixelated body (arrrgh)!

There was probably a nice idea from Jaguar behind this concept, but we weren’t convinced that the end result really matched up to expectations. Luckily, it didn’t affect Andy’s performance in the final 🙂

Have you crossed paths with a super cool (or a super-missed) VR/AR campaign? What did you think of it? Do you, like me, think they’re a real game-changer in our industry?


Do you remember that day you updated your smartphone’s Facebook app and discovered that they’d finally integrated GIFs? It wasn’t long ago, although GIFs have been around for ages. That’s because it took a long time for Facebook to jump into the GIF bandwagon. Even Mark Zuckerberg himself was reluctant to GIF. But he made up his mind, and we should all get a lesson from it.

It was cruelly cut short by the weather gods, but Governors Ball 2016 still made a splash.
Miguel, Years & Years, Galantis and more took to the stages to deliver unforgettable, if slightly damp, performances.
Up top there you can see our Executive Director A.J. gazing lovingly at our social walls, which were dotted all over the festival. Tweets and Instagram post tagged #GovBallNYC were grabbed and thrown up on the massive screens for the whole crowd to see.
Now, you might feel pretty vexed when one of your skillfully filtered posts only gets six or seven likes – but boy, do they add up. 150,000 posts were hashtagged at Governors Ball this year and they generated over one million likes. And it didn’t stop there – over five hundred million people saw them. FOMO x 503,092,100.
We worked with Laura at Founders Entertainment to design, create and run the social walls.  She said some lovely things about us:
I loved it – thank you for everything! I loved how smoothly it went and I didn’t have to lift a finger”
It was EventsTag’s second time at Gov Ball and we’re already looking forward to next year – and hoping for significantly fewer rainclouds!
Did you attend Governors Ball this year? Who was your standout act?
Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 09.13.30
Fusing digital and physical football through a number of exclusive Nike experiences, the space is designed to celebrate the philosophy of fast, brilliant football.”

In the build-up to the Euros, Nike took over Palais de Tokyo, the largest contemporary art museum in France.

Reimagined as the #PalaisofSpeed, the museum became host to an array of stunning immersive experiences. As we mourn over crushed Euro dreams, we’re looking back at our trip to Paris.

Faster Than


Our CEO is officially 5.18 km/h slower than Ronaldo.

 This amazing interactive experience pits you against a player of your choice, a race car or – if you’re feeling a bit sluggish – the quickest mere mortal at the Palais of Speed.

You get 5 minutes to catch your breath before your video arrives in your inbox. Pretty cool!

Jersey Culture


We made this one (not biased at all).

Guests stand at the green screen, choose their background and get shot as a football sticker-style GIF. It’s pinged to their phone immediately, ready to share.


Mercurial Photo Booth


Ronaldo’s ad for the new Mercurial Superfly boot, recreated. As you! Enter the booth and you’re snapped (photo one). The lights go down, the lines appear on the projector and you’re snapped again.

The two are spliced together and, even if you can’t run like him, at least you can now look just like Ronaldo…

What’s the best bit of experiential marketing you’ve seen recently?

Color Run

We had a LOT of fun this weekend.

The Color Run – the original, happiest and most colorful 5km fun run – is a global hit. Celebrating health, happiness and friends, it’s the most vibrant event in any runner’s calendar.

1. Start the day with a white tshirt

2. Skip, dance or run for 5km, getting showered with rainbow colours at Color Zones along the way

3. Finish up with the iconic Color Throws and the slowmo Color Booth

Color Run girls

On Sunday 12th June, a massive 18,500 Color Runners gathered in London’s Wembley Park, ready to get messy. Sponsored this year by the NSPCC and others, it was an amazing day… and at the finish line, we were just warming up.

With even more paint powder to chuck at them, we were ready to party with the Color Runners at the finishing festival. Our slowmo booth gave everyone a chance to create a lasting memory of the day – which beat anything they could do with a selfie stick. We wanted to create super shareable content that would explode across the tweetosphere and beyond like so many paint powder packets.

Here’s our CEO, showing everyone how it’s done:

Looking for a creative way to make memories for your guests?

Get in touch.


You’ll probably want to put your feet up and turn your phone off for a year while you recover, but after a big event you need to do some evaluation. Woohoo.

Based on cold hard data (as well as some chatting), you can get to some gold dust findings. However great your event went, you’ll want the next one to be even better.

So here’s our three-step path from tired event planner to enlightened marketing guru.

1. Estimate

Be really specific pre-event, when deciding what you’re going to measure. Use past events, similar events and anything else you can think of to decide what ultimate success looks like to you. Make them stretch goals – be ambitious.

Then, in the crazy lead up to the big day, you can have these ambitions in mind – they’ll help inform decisions you make and keep you focussed.

Here are some metric suggestions, to get the ball rolling:

  • Invited guests
  • Attendees
  • Budget over/underspend
  • Social media reach
  • Press coverage

2. Calculate

To figure out if your event was a success, you’ll need to crunch some numbers. It’s not sexy. But someone’s got to do it.

We deliver granular reports to our clients after their events, so they can a) jump for joy and b) learn for next time. They’re always interested in different bits of the data: was Twitter or Instagram more popular? Who were the most influential guests? How many people saw content from the event?

Without fail, it helps them hone their future plans.

3. Ask

Numbers won’t ever paint the whole picture. You’ll need to speak to people.

Twitter will probably give you a pretty good idea of how everything went – people aren’t shy about voicing their opinions in 140 characters – but it’s also worth picking up the phone.

That way, you can ask about specific things, like:

  • The speakers: how were they? Who gave them goosebumps? Who was awful?
  • The venue: big enough? Too big? Too far away?
  • The facilities: Instagrammable lunch? dodgy wifi?

You might be surprised by how open to giving feedback your attendees will be, especially if you’re prompt and contact them soon after the event.

It’s in everyone’s best interest for the world to be full of even more exciting, inspiring and memorable events. So make sure yours is one of them.


How do you usually measure the success of your event?

You may have heard news that Instagram shut down third-party access to content this week.

That isn’t exactly right, so we want to quickly clear up what this means for us and your EventsTag-enhanced events.

These changes by Instagram are to make sure that their platform is “built around authentic experiences”. In other words, to keep Instagrammers happy. Which makes sense to us.

We’ve reviewed and approved thousands of submissions, and are excited by all the great ways developers have enabled the Instagram community to share their own content.

– Instagram

EventsTag is an approved party –  Instagram knows us, loves us and won’t be changing how we operate one bit.

However, you will need to reconnect your Instagram account to our platform in order to keep everything running smoothly.

To do this:

  • Click here and log into your EventsTag account
  • Disconnect from Instagram
  • Hit the “Connect” button and enter your Instagram login details again

We love what we do and we’re glad that giants like Instagram and Twitter love it too.


We were lucky enough to attend Event 360 this week, a huge summit hosted by Event Magazine and C&IT. Trend-setters and influencers in the event industry come together to mingle. And mingle we did.

We met brand experts, PR gurus and some of the most talented real-time graphic designers we’ve ever come across.

“Forecasting the future of brand experiences” was the theme of the day. Here are the main things we took away from it, to ponder.

If you’re wanting to talk to millennials, you need to make them feel special.

Vodafone told us this. Their very cool  Future Breakers campaign (that isn’t a campaign at all, but a three-year investment in finding and nurturing new music talent) needed an experiential element. Enter, #FutureBreakersLive. Bringing the talent within touching distance of festival goers, making them part of the story.

“Everything needs to be photogenic. Vodafone-generated content (or VGC) needs to slip seamlessly into user-generated content (UGC)”


It’s hard to prove ROI on consumer-based events. 

Fentimans (“Botanically brewed drinks”) spoke to us about the difficulties they faced convincing everyone in the office than non-trade show events are a good idea. How do you prove they’ve made an impact? Their answer was simple, for them: look to social media. Look at how many people had your brand dropped in front of them, clickable and deliciously shareable. Fentimans take care to ensure that their pop up events (next up, a Magical Mixology Workshop) are distinctly Instagrammable.

“Two words: edible glitter. Does it get any more shareable than that?”



Sometimes, your target audience is people that don’t know you exist

NFL talked about their struggles making an impact in the UK. Their marketing in the states is a completely different ball game. They know their fans there. Here, they don’t have that many. And they want more. So they went big – taking over Regent’s Street with marching bands, cheerleaders and NFL players. They were marketing to people that didn’t plan on being marketed to that day. It’s a different breed of event but an effective one, undeniably. It’s the element of total surprise that, done well, can make a lasting impression. Whether its a passer-by spotting an NFL flag flying above their head or a tweeter spotting a trending hashtag, your audience might sometimes simply be fresh meat.


Did you attend Event 360? What were your key learnings? 

We’re committed to making sure every person with a tongue gets ice cold refreshment like a blast of cold mountain air, with every single bottle, can or pint of Coors Light they put in their hand.

– Coors Light

Coors Light cares about cold. To enjoy the World’s Most Refreshing Beer™ from the Rockies, you need optimum conditions.

Enter, Ice Cave – the latest experiential marketing campaign by the brand, inviting ravers to enjoy a cool night out (-5°C, to be precise).

And our social media experiences are adding a whole extra dimension for the duration. We’ve got a Polaroid Station rigged up at the mouth of the cave, and a GIF Booth just inside, to capture the shivvering ravers in all their glory.


Birmingham Mail


Centenary Square in Birmingham will play host to the Cave until Sunday. Entry’s free but book ahead to avoid disappointment (and a night spent at boring room temperature).



So, what are you waiting for? Wrap up in a thermal cape and enjoy a crisp Coors Light, in a fridge. Upcoming (and yes, cool) new DJs like Ronnie Loko and Soph Robbo are bringing the tunes, and we have the social media magic covered.

It’s day three, and Charles is already a hardened Ice Cave Raver:

This is a great example of perfect, on-brand experiential marketing. It makes complete sense for Coors, aligning seamlessly with their mission statement and brand identity. It’s brilliant to be able to add a social element to the activation. Everyone’s loving it.

– Charles, EventsTag man on the ground

What’s the best bit of experiential marketing you’ve seen recently?

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